and share my frequency and who I Be.

in which I am able to transmit

Each offering is a different vessel

you’re not only investing into the service and modality, you are also investing into the frequency and codes that I carry and the subsequent entrainment and refinement of your field to these frequencies as well. 

By opening yourself up to receive a soul offering of mine and co-create within a container together, you open yourself up to attune to greater octaves of energy and say yes to your next level of expansion.


By investing into a

of mine ...

Transformation doesn't come from understanding new concepts from a mental capacity, but from shifting the resonance of your field, purifying the frequencies of your energies, and expanding your spaciousness for more of yourSelf to flow in. 


1:1 Sacred Container

Together we will go on a journey.

Together we will go on a journey. A journey of unification with Self. I don’t know what this journey will bring, but I trust that the divine mirror of your life will surface the curriculum that you’re ready to take on--whether that be the shadow parts of you that you’re ready to integrate, the false aspects of yourself that you’re ready to meet, the inner child that you’re ready to love; your light that you’re ready to emanate, the truth that you’re ready to embody, or the love that you’re ready to receive. Whatever comes up, I will be with you, by your side, every step of the way. Guiding you, encouraging you, celebrating you, witnessing you, and holding space for you. 

This journey is for those who are ready to take back their own sovereignty in their lives and in their energy, who are ready to do deep work, and who are willing to trust and surrender—to surrender to the magic of the mystery and the inherent greatness of your soul. This journey is not about doing to get, or even being to get. It is not about proving or grasping or clenching on to outcomes. It is not for those who are still operating in victim consciousness or are relying on me to heal you. This is a container in which I will guide you to reconcile with your remembrance, your power, and your own innate divine greatness to heal yourself and return to wholeness if you so choose. 

Within the container I will share experiences of my own, knowledge that I’ve learned, wisdom that I’ve integrated through my own personal journey, and practices to support you. This is not a container where I will tell you what to do and you can give your power away, instead I will guide you to trust your inner knowing, reclaim your power and become your own healer and sage. 

Modalities I use include coaching, Akashic record reading, breathwork, yoga, meditation, sound healing, and energy work. Some areas of focus, healing, and remembrance may include inner child healing, shadow integration, ancestral healing, honing intuitive gifts, frequency management, embodiment, nervous system regulation, emotional alchemy, divine feminine embodiment, and Soul and Heart alignment. No two containers are the same, and each container is divinely curated moment to moment to support you on your journey.

This is a space where you can attune to higher levels of frequency if you so choose.
This is a space where you can open up to more joy, love, and ease if you so choose.
This is a space where you can connect with your gifts, your inner knowing, your power, your deep remembrance, and come home to yourSelf if you so choose. 

If you feel the resonance deep within you, answer the call here:



Having Janith as my Soul coach has accelerated my spiritual path by light speed.

Her coaching style is above all heart-centered. She is there to celebrate your every win, as much as she is there to hold your hand while you dive into the deepest parts of your shadows, guiding you on this path of rememberance and awakening. After every session, I walk away with immense clarity and take with me actionable steps to integrate with in this physical plane. I cannot thank Janith enough for always channeling the messages / lessons at divine timing, while weaving in her own spiritual learnings and coaching techniques, and most of all for guiding me in rediscovering and trusting my own inner compass, which is the most powerful teaching any healer could ever gift you with.


Janith held such safe space for me as we entered my Akashic records for the first time during our session.

I was able to heal and clear feelings in this lifetime that I felt wasn’t trauma from my childhood. She also helped confirm my soul’s purpose and lessons, helping to release blockages that I had been facing. Something that seemed so unknown and daunting feels extremely safe in Janith’s light and bright hands.


Janith immediately invited me to open up and relax into our session by her genuine caring, empathetic, and non-judgmental character.

It felt so easy and relieving talking to her, and I felt I could share my thoughts and feelings as if she were a close friend of mine…she created this safe, confidential space for me—gently guiding me with fresh eyes and a professional but caring neutral distance. Time seemed to fly and I couldn’t believe how productive and nourishing a coaching session could be. I never considered coaching as a helpful tool for me before, but I am super curious to dive deeper into my own life and personality with Janith now. Can’t wait for our next session and a big thank you from the heart for taking me on that journey.”


Where to begin. There really aren't words I can put down to explain the feels in my heart and soul.

You came into my life even when I didn't know I needed it. Your guidance, friendship, energy have helped me reach where I'm at now. Living and fulfilling my dreams. Like all journeys, they've got helpful signs and bumps along the way and you've helped me navigate these with grace, confidence, intention and awareness. You believed in me and helped me see how to honour and shine my true bright light. Thank you for seeing me for me, loving me for being me, celebrating me. I'm beyond thrilled we met when we did and that our energies have aligned. 




This healing modality is extremely powerful in releasing stress and anxiety, unblocking emotions, and re-aligning you to clarity and wholeness. The breathwork practice allows you to tap into your subconsciousness to facilitate a powerful healing and release whatever you’re ready to let go of - whether that be suppressed emotions, stagnant energies, unprocessed traumas, or limiting beliefs. This is coupled with hands-on or distance energy healing to clear and balance your chakras, your body, and your field, and return you to balance and bliss.


Integrative Breathwork & Energy Healing




Private Crystal Alchemy Bowl Sound Ceremony

Sound healing is one of the most effective ways to raise yourself up to a state of balance, harmony, and bliss by using frequency to directly tune your vibrational field. Each session will be specially curated for you and your healing intention, and will begin with a meditative journey leading into the the sound healing for deeper integration. Come and be bathed in healing sounds to rest, rejuvenate, and attune to your next expansion.

Guided meditations, energy work, and embodiment practices encoded with love and healing frequencies for balancing, centering, grounding, and more.




Guided Practices

I absolutely love getting connected in person at live events. There's nothing that beats the potency and magic that occurs when people come together with love and the highest intentions to co-create healing in a sacred space. 

Join me at an upcoming event, or reach out directly to inquire about curating a private event for you and your friends:


Circles, Sacred Ceremonies & Events

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

Come together in sisterhood under the illumination of the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces. Full moons are symbolic times of completion or the crescendo of cycles coming to fruition. Open up for an intimate and healing evening of breathwork, energy healing, and sisterhood.

Autumn Equinox Full Moon Circle

your event


-Sacred Bachelorette Sisterhood Circle
-Conscious Birthday Celebration
-Baby Shower Ceremony
-Any other private workshop, circle,
or ceremony

Upcoming Event

Everyone was saying that you were amazing--so beautiful as a human, let alone what you facilitated in everybody--they all fell in love with you. It was incredible, so this is just a gushing note to say thank you and to echo to you what the girls have been saying all day and how much they truly appreciated it. The sound bath in particular--the way that you evoked that journey that led into the bath so seamlessly and the way that it reverberated so deeply. They were all saying how they had never experienced anything like it before. What you did was so incredible for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you." 


"I wanted to express how incredible you were, and just how grateful we all are for this experience. 

Janith’s workshop delivers both physical and mental wellness, and was the perfect time out from the hustle bustle of daily life to reflect, refocus, redirect and reinvigorate both my physical and spiritual wellbeing. It was a guided self-reflective journey that holistically inspired better self awareness, fuelled self improvement, and encouraged lots of self love. It was incredible to experience how a yoga practice could open my mind to better know myself and to inspire change.


This experience redefines the “full body workout”: A relaxing yoga flow for the body followed by self-reflection exercises for the mind.

I loved this. 

Thank you for such a wonderful experience and sharing your gift with us, Janith. It was exactly the transition experience I had hoped for when I imagined K's bachelorette day


I loved this so much. Thank you for holding this space for us.

I am still dazed about yesterday, especially the session you led. Just so grateful. Thank you, you beautiful soul!