I invite you

to interact with this website not as just another place to consume information,

but as a 


to open your heart and receive frequency.

To not just read the text but 

between the words.

to swim in the energy

    thinking, analyzing, judging

To let go of

and instead 

your way through the colours,

feel, sense, and experience

        the imagery, the sensations, the essence...

...and if you feel a resonance,

I invite you


this            is              an            invitation             to

In a world where we are born
into boxes, labels, and expectations,

relinquish who you think you should be

based    on       the       expectations      of          your
parents,       friends,      society,      or       partners, 

and to surrender to who you truly are.

into the depths of your soul,


to your soul essence frequency, 


to your highest Self,


to yourSelf within.




“Doing as others told me, I was Blind ...

Coming when others called me, I was Lost.

Then I left everyone, myself as well.

Then I found Everyone, Myself as well.”


I trust that your soul has guided you here

If you're reading these words,

I am a soul coach, Akashic record reader, 

energy healer, sacred facilitator, and yoga 

   and meditation teacher.

     I believe we have been
  brought together in divine orchestration,

and I am here to guide you through

 your next expansion in the game

of this human life.

your guide


for a reason.

Soul embodiment is the fullest embodiment of your Higher Self. Trusting, allowing yourself to be guided, and living from the frequency of your Higher Self. Living from the wisdom, unity, divine love, and equanimity of your multi-dimensional I Am presence and quantum being rather than from your monkey mind. To remember your soul purpose, activate soul gifts, and call all parts of you home. To live with the liberation of knowing your eternal Self and honouring the unity of all creation.  

Soul Embodiment

Human embodiment is returning to wholeness and finding full body safety in your human body and human experience. This includes steeping in duality, healing from past traumas, resetting and expanding the container of your nervous system, allowing yourself to feel the whole range of human emotions, reconnecting with the sensuality and pleasure of being human, and reclaiming your power as a perfectly imperfect human being. 

Human Embodiment

Because we are divine spiritual beings in a human incarnation, we must fully embody both our divinity and our humanity in order to activate, live, and Be our highest truth and to live our heaven on earth. The two are intricately interlinked and the spirals of our soul and human journeys naturally activate one another to continually catalyze growth, transformation, evolution, and ascension. Both soul & human embodiment creates the spaciousness and capacity to live from the high vibrational consciousness of your higher self and to have the human body to be able to hold those higher frequencies without blowing out. Deeper human embodiment creates greater safety and a larger container to hold the vastness of our soul, and greater gnosis of our Soul Self catalyzes a greater sense of empowerment to live more fully into all shades of your human experience. The key to the divine lies in the complete surrender to our humanness.

Why is it important to have both?

Having Janith as my Soul coach has accelerated my spiritual path by light speed.

Her coaching style is above all heart-centered. She is there to celebrate your every win, as much as she is there to hold your hand while you dive into the deepest parts of your shadows, guiding you on this path of rememberance and awakening. After every session, I walk away with immense clarity and take with me actionable steps to integrate with in this physical plane. I cannot thank Janith enough for always channeling the messages / lessons at divine timing, while weaving in her own spiritual learnings and coaching techniques, and most of all for guiding me in rediscovering and trusting my own inner compass, which is the most powerful teaching any healer could ever gift you with.”


Where to begin. There really aren't words I can put down to explain the feels in my heart & soul.

You came into my life even when I didn't know I needed it. Your guidance, friendship, energy have helped me reach where I'm at now. Living and fulfilling my dreams. Like all journeys, they've got helpful signs and bumps along the way and you've helped me navigate these with grace, confidence, intention and awareness. You believed in me and helped me see how to honour and shine my true bright light. Thank you for seeing me for me, loving me for being me, and celebrating me. I'm beyond thrilled we met when we did and that our energies have aligned. 


Janith immediately invited me to open up and relax into our session by her genuine caring, empathetic, and non-judgmental character.

It felt so easy and relieving talking to her, and I felt I could share my thoughts and feelings as if she were a close friend of mine…she created this safe, confidential space for me—gently guiding me with fresh eyes and a professional but caring neutral distance.
Time seemed to fly and I couldn’t believe how productive and nourishing a 45 mins coaching session could be. I never considered coaching as a helpful tool for me before, but I am super curious to dive deeper into my own life and personality with Janith now. Can’t wait for our next session and a big thank you from the heart for taking me on that journey.


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